About Ziggy the Blue

Ziggy the Blue is the Nom de Blog of Chris Zielinski, who has held senior positions at the World Health Organization and other UN organizations for over 20 years in Africa, India and Europe, working in writing, translation, media, publishing, knowledge management and intellectual property. He was also Secretary General of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society, which distributes serious money (£10 million+ per year) collected from copyright sources directly to UK authors.

Chris now devotes his time to a range of independent activities as a consultant and writer. He is a candidate Visiting Fellow at the University of Winchester (UK), where he leads the Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) programme. Chris is also working on a PhD on knowledge management theory and indicators for measuring the impact of information, and the practical applications of these in the Phi programme.

He has recently finished a travel book called Afreekinout, and a pilot TV script for a children’s series.

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